Spherical aluminum oxide powder

Spherical aluminum oxide powder

Spherical aluminum oxide powder

【基本说明】:Spherical aluminum oxide powder refers to the aluminum oxide powder material made of specific irregular corner particles by process of flame method. It is featured by small surface area and good liquidity.


>Basic characteristics of spherical aluminum oxide powder:

ItemUnitTypical Value
Appearance/White powder
Particle morphology/Spherical
Density kg/m3 3.7×103
Mohs Hardness/6-9.0
Dielectric Constant/9(1MHz)
Dielectric Loss /3×10-4(1MHz)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion1/K7×10-6
Thermal ConductivityW/K·m30

>Spherical aluminum oxide powder can be sorted on basis of following characteristics and prepared as required by customers:

ItemIndex of CorrectionIntroduction
PurityAl2O3content99.0% above
ImpurityNa2OCan be reduced below 3ppm
Crystalline phaseɑ-Al2O3contentUp more than 90%
Particle size distributionD50Available within D50=2-50μm
Particle size distributionMay be adjusted on basis of typical distribution as needed, including multimodal distribution and narrow-range distribution.